Lion Skin Pack Turns Windows 7 Into Mac OS X Lion

If you like the new look of Lion, you're out of luck on a Mac but oddly in luck if you own a Windows 7 PC. Lion Skin Pack is an easily installable set of GUI customisations for Windows 7 that make Windows look just like the next generation Mac operating system.

Applying the customisation is very easy as Lion Skin Pack is just an installer and requires no patching software to make the theme work. That said, it's worth noting that theme packs are often a little difficult to uninstall so you may want to make a backup before you give this a shot.

Lion Skin Pack 3.0 For Seven [deviantART via Addictive Tips]


    Erm... Why? :}

      Well, obviously so that all your iMates will think your cool and hip, but you'll actually still be able to do productive stuff like spreadsheets and coding in C.

        Does that mean I can code in C even if I don't know C?

          Yes, yes it does

    new version >>

    new version Lion skin pack 6.0 >>

    need help..!!
    can you tell me how to uninstall this skin.. when i went to control pannel>uninstall and i did lion uninstall .. the theme has been uninstalles . but the skin is still there.. there is an apple icon in my task bar,, and my folder view is also differnt... need help.. plz reply.... thankss

      Same problem here

        Same problem too

          Same problem here.. After uninstaling LION SKIN PACK icons are not changed. Start menu is same......Please do something .. My audio device is not WORKING also.... Help me to solve this problem. Thank you in advance.

    Is there any way to delete a hole theme

    I uninstalled it and it did not completly uninstall the theme. I still have an apple icon on my taskbar and all my "mac" icons and buttons are still here. I want my windows pc back!

    I'm busy installing it on windows 7 64bit. I'm getting version 10. Please tell me if it can't uninstall???

    I want my old windows 7 back. Why can I not uninstall this piece of shit? I tried to uninstall it a million times, used system restore too. I don't want to reinstall windows. Tell me how to get rid of this shitty theme

    i tried to uninstall it completely but it failed?

    Fuck the mac, i don't know why the fuck people like the fucking mac my windows 7 is totally fucked up, i want my windows 7 back!!

    I had same thing happening to my sons computer - took it completely over and crashed it repeatedly. You have to uninstall the components one by one, then , without allowing the restart, empty your recycle bin, then download your windows version again, and reinstall using the same product key as last time. It takes forever, but you get a system back, at least. My son's windows was damaged by the lions pack, and we were screwed, except we found a vista disk. ffs, why on earth would people put this crap on computers.. took me a whole day blown, to get a damned computer back to running, because of one button pushed. ffs!

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