You Can Buy The Telstra 4G USB Dongle Outright

You Can Buy The Telstra 4G USB Dongle Outright

At its launch, Telstra was pretty insistent that the USB dongle for its new 4G/LTE network was only available for contract purchasers. However, it turns out that if you identify yourself as a business customer, you can buy it outright for $299.

Reader Beau first pointed this out, and on checking with Telstra it confirmed that despite those earlier comments, business customers could purchase the USB device for $299 outright. Given that there’s no extra charge for LTE access over other services, this makes sense. How the business requirement is enforced will vary — some stores might demand an ABN or evidence of an existing Telstra business account, others might take your word for it — but if you don’t want a contract deal, it can’t hurt to ask. Thanks Beau!


  • Are Telstra future proofing these for a 700MHz network rollout, or are they 1800 only for LTE?

    I’d think it would be worth waiting until after the spectrum auction until buying into 4G, though I suppose if you’re a business then the price is probably worth it for the short term.

  • With 4G (soft)Launching in alot of areas at the moment, I’m wondering whether Quad-Band phones will be able to automatically take advantage of the faster data speeds in those areas, since 4G is on the 1800 band which Quad-Bands are supposed to be able to utilise.

    However seeing as Telstra’s started (internally) advertising their new ‘only 4G Compatible’ Phone soon, it seems to suggest otherwise.

    • AFAIK, there’s nothing special about LTE; it’s just another network. Just like you don’t need a special plan to use Telstra’s 2G network, with the LTE Modem you’ll connect to the LTE network and use it whenever it’s there. Else it’s a perfectly fine Next G HSPA modem!

  • lol what a rip-off, like previous articles have said, it won’t be much faster once the network is saturated. Now that an iphone 4G is coming, you can guarantee that won’t take long.

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