Set Your Desktop To The Colourful Outdoors With These Vintage-Style Nature Wallpapers

Nature looks pretty good on its own, but with the right colour adjustments it can be pretty stunning. Here are a some of our favourite shallow depth of field, nature-centric wallpapers with a colourful twist.

Purple Fields

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 1920x1200]

See the World

Download this wallpaper [Gaia 10 1920x1189]

Gold and Green Grass

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 1920x1200]

Green Leaves

Download this wallpaper [Wallbase 1920x1200]

Golden Dew Drop

Download this wallpaper [2560x1600 The Paper Wall]

Sunlight Through the Trees

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 2560x1600]

Little Pinecone, Little Hands

Download this wallpaper [Jamie Henderson on Flickr 4288x2848]

Plants Towards the Sky

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 2560x1600]

Breathing Sunshine

Download this wallpaper [Flickr 5616x3744]

Underneath the Flowers

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 1920x1080]

Daisy Patch

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 2000x1333]


    These are all gorgeous. I will have to use one at work. Unfortunately, at home I only have Windows 7 Starter and that doesn't seem to allow me to change my wallpaper... Thanks for posting these! :)

      There are some programs out there that let you do that. There's one that's not around anymore because it violated Microsoft's EULA, but there is another one that doesn't. Unfortunately I can't remember it off the top of my head.

        This might help ;)

          Hehe cheeky. But I wouldn't be reading Lifehacker religiously if I hadn't already tried that. ;)

          I used to go into the system and change it manually, but I just found my OS becoming too sluggish. Mind you I use my netbook as a replacement desktop, so that probably adds to the sluggish-ness. But yes, thanks for the well-intended advise. :)

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