Daily App Deals: Scan And Process Documents On Your iPhone With Genius Scan+, Now Free

The Daily App Deals post is a round-up of the best app discounts of the day, as well as some notable mentions for ones that are on sale.

The Best

Genius Scan+ PDF Scanner (iTunes) Genius Scan+ turns your iPhone camera into a scanner that can auto correct perspective, add documents you capture to .PDFs, and upload to Dropbox and other services. These extra tools set Genius Scan+ apart from just snapping a picture with your iPhone; check out this video for a good overview. Previously $2.99, now free. [LogicBuy]




The Rest



    Splashtop Remote Desktop isnt free in the market place?

    in the Oz App Store has two apps that are "Genius Scan - PDF Scanner". One is still 42.99 and the other is fee.

      sorry $2.99 anf the other is free.

        Logicbuy states its free until the 2nd of September -Today

    Genius Scan has always been free. So it's not a deal or anything. John Verive should have checked before he posted it here.

    I know what LogicBuy is saying, but LogicBuy is wrong.

    The free one that they link to has always been free, and has adds, but is crippled with no Dropbox or Evernote integration.

    The Genius Scan + app is the one that costs 2.99 and that has not changed at all.

    TLDR: No deal to be found here.

    Edit: I meant "ads", not "adds".

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