Check Out This List To See The Other 300+ Features Coming To Windows 8

Microsoft showed us a few of Windows 8's big upcoming features, but mentioned that there are more than 300 in development. Here's a list of the other things you can look forward to.

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One amazing reader over at WinRumors actually went through Microsoft's teaser slide and wrote down every one of the 300+ features coming in the next version of Windows. We don't know exactly what each one means, but some of the most intriguing include:

  • All Day Battery
  • Reliable Rollback
  • Instant On
  • Get My Printer Working Basic Functionality
  • My Media Plays to Digital Media Receivers
  • Enhanced File Explorer
  • Auto-Suggest Search, History
  • Gestures Manipulation
  • Restore from USB Key
  • Windows Update, Modern Update Experience

Hit the link to check out the full list at WinRumors.

Here's a list of 300+ Windows 8 features that Microsoft didn't show [WinRumors]


    I didn't understand the bulk of em, but then I'm not really a tech guru either!
    What does 'OEM Activation' mean? All my copies of Windows from 95 on, are OEM, and they all had the same activation process! #]

      My guess is it means that OEMs will be able to bulk-activate machines easier than before? My Win7 machine came already activated, but I'm guessing it was a chore if Windows is fixing it up in 8.

      Can't wait for the final result!

    "Reliable Rollback" Is that not when you pass a bottle of lemonade to someone and you just know you're going to get it back with little bits of the hamburger they're eating floating in it?

    I am going to stick to XP as long as I can!!! I paid good money for it.

    XP Vista 7 8...

      Yeah, I think you will find the difference from XP to W8 are enormous! XP was a beast in it'd day, but it's kind of a dinosaur compared to W7 and now 8!

        For once Ecky I'm definitely agreeing with you on this point.
        For me Win 7 is the best version of Windows so far as it took everything that made Windows great and built onto it. I just hope that Win 8 isn't another Vista.....

          Wasn't aware that you were disagreeing that often? The problem with not having a registration for "LH" and "Giz" is that you can jump on with what ever name you want!

      Yeah who needs these 'new' OSes, they're just a waste of money! I for one will stick with DOS, thankyou! :P

    Reliable Rollback- In the Dev preveiw, you can easily rollback to 'new' windows as if you formatted; but keep your data.

    Instant on is the new hybrid power off.

    Enhanced file explorer - the new ribbon interface.
    Gestures - already work.

    "My Media Plays to Digital Media Receivers" but the local experience of using Media Player will still suck big time

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