Access Your Backed-Up Files With CrashPlan For iPhone And Android

One of our favourite tools for creating an automated, bulletproof backup solution, CrashPlan, now has mobile apps for securely viewing, downloading and sharing your backed up files from within your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The free mobile apps let you access common file types like photos or office files (spreadsheets and text files) from any of the computers that have been backed up to CrashPlan's servers. (You need a CrashPlan+ account with the online backup option to use the mobile apps.) In addition to browsing and viewing files, you can download them to your device or email them.

Pretty much all you need to do is sign in with your CrashPlan+ account on the app to access everything, which is synchronised to the CrashPlan servers.

CrashPlan [on the iTunes App Store [Android Market [CrashPlan PRO (for business users: iOS or Android)]


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