Which Camera Colour Is The Most Popular?

Which Camera Colour Is The Most Popular?

Buying a gadget that isn’t black won’t make you any more productive as such, but (just like desktop customisation) if you enjoy the way your equipment looks, you’re likely to use it more. With that said, which of these colours (seen on GE’s DV1 waterproof camera/camcorder) would you expect to be the biggest seller? Answer after the jump.

In this set, according to GE’s local distributor Tasco (who I caught up with this morning), the apple green is the most popular choice, followed by the blue, red and orange. The metallic option is the least popular, which perhaps reflects the fact that there are plenty of other devices where that kind of shade is the only choice. I’d favour the red myself.


  • For a diving camera I wouldn’t buy the red one simply because you lose the colour red from the light spectrum first so it will be less visible if you do drop it.

    Saying that I am unsure what depth these are waterproof to so it may be a moot point.

  • Well I hire digital compact cameras for tables at wedding receptions and other events. After a bit of market research I found that the ‘safest’ colour was silver/metallic. It appears to come across as the most professional. Pic of the specific cameras here – http://tboylen.info/wedding-packages/digital-camera-hire/

    Also, I am a professional photographer. Anecdotally, clients tend to look at photographers who use black cameras as being more professional. I’m talking here about cameras like the Pentax 645D Special edition and the new consumer range of SLRs available in custom colours, or more historically, things like the silver Minolta bodies. While ‘fun’, they aren’t seen as serious cameras.

    Just my two cents.


  • @Terence. Are you supplying digital compacts for the guests at tables to shoot themselves? Otherwise if you are shooting (as a professional photographer) with anything else other than a black camera body then is probably is a non-professional camera. A case of the blindingly bleeding obvious to state that using a non-professional camera would lead to an impression of non-professionalism don’t you think?

  • Wow!

    I must be really really OLD FASHIONED! I had absolutely no doubt that it must be gray/metallic! Boy was I embarrassed?

    Well anyway, I have a question. I have a feeling that these observations are based on a younger population of buyers! So could it be that the results are biased?

    I think you need to get answers from all age categories or have a favorite color to each age group.

    I also have a feeling that people may have liked white also, especially influenced by Apple iPhone, iPad etc. Just a guess though!


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