Virgin Prepaid Mobile Broadband On Sale For 50% Off

From now until August 15, Virgin Mobile has half-price deals on all its prepaid modem models. A potentially appealing deal if Optus' coverage meets your needs (albeit one that appears quite often). [Virgin Mobile via OzBargain]


    Nice, but I wish I had've known that Australia Post was once again selling the Vodafone Pocket Wi-Fi Starter Kit (Huawei E5850?) half price (i.e. for $39.50) up until the 7th of August. I missed out on buying one during their previous sale period, and when I saw one at the post office yesterday advertised for $39.50, I was a happy camper -- until the Aus Post employee told me that that sale price expired on the 7th and she had simply forgotten to take the sign down. No offer to sell it to me at the lower price, either. :(

    The benefit of the Vodafone model versus the Virgin model we currently own (E5832) is that the former can connect up to five devices, whereas the latter is limited to three. We have a few laptops at home, a wireless printer, a PSP, an iPod touch, an NDSL, a Wii... So those two extra slots would've come in very handy.

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