TV Size Matters Lets You Try New TVs On For Size Before You Buy

When buying a new HDTV, the first thing you should settle on is where in your room the set should go. Web app TV Size Matters can help: upload a photo of the room where the TV will go, set a standard scale, and the service lets you try different-sized TVs for size to see how they fit.The web app gets a feel for scale by asking you to draw a line on your uploaded photo and tell it how large that line is in real life. From there, the service understands how large or small to display different sized sets on your wall or entertainment centre, so you can see how they'll realistically look when they're in your home.

For many people, there's only one logical place in their room for their TV to go, but if you have the option of wall-mounting or you want to see whether your space can handle a larger display, TV Size Matters is worth a look.

TV Size Matters


    This is great!
    Exactly what Ive been wanting for some time now.

    There is only one rule to remember when buying a TV... GO BIG, doesn't matter if it hangs past the door frame, just go big!! #]

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