The Island Paradise Desktop

Today's featured desktop combines the pleasures of a desktop vacation with the functionality of having oft-used folders, controls and information right on the desktop. Flickr user ashleyann56 built this desktop for a tropical, watery theme that that can take you away from the work you're doing without taking you away from the information you need.

Want to get this look on your desktop? Here's what you'll need:

Beachin Desktop [Flickr]


    i tried, but could not get it to look that nice

    I had to double take on that picture and indeed I do have it amongst the 100 or so nature/outdoor themed pictures that currently swap and change on my work computer. Now if I could only convince them to change to win7 from xp so i didn't have to have a separate program running for slideshow wallpaper I would be a happy man.

    I wish I could make my desktop look like that! Is there a step by step guide anywhere that anyone knows of?

      Never mind - I've almost done it myself.

    Just FYI the said start button changer is old and will not use .PNG files as this is what the aperture icons are..


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