How Many Gadgets Do You Carry?

How Many Gadgets Do You Carry?

Futurists suggest that as smartphones become standard and tablets become more powerful, those two gadgets might be the only two things you need to take with you for work or pleasure. It’s an interesting vision, but it raises the question: how many gadgets do you regularly carry right now?

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My own answer to this question oscillates somewhat. I established earlier this year that I could actually do most everything I needed with nothing more than a BlackBerry, but that was an extreme situation. Right now I’m on the road with a netbook, my BlackBerry and a Next G dongle, all of which are required for my work. I’ve also got a separate video camera and an iPod (neither essential but both useful), and some gear I’m reviewing/testing: headphones and an ebook reader. I like tablets and my PlayBook gets a lot of use at home, but I didn’t bring it on the road this time because of all the other test gear.

Most people don’t experiment with gadgets as part of their job, but I still suspect many Lifehacker readers might want more than just their phone. How many gadgets do you regularly carry? Tell us in the comments.


  • Iphone/laptop – laptop charger, Usb Stick but I leave an Iphone charger at work, will take an Ipod in addition to the iphone if I am unsure how long I will be from the charger and might need my Iphone for actual calls. I will also get an e-reader ( currently carry a book around so it will replacing a thing I carry anyway)

    I’m not too unhappy with the Gadget situation, more that I wish I could intergrate other stuff I have to carry into the gadgets. Transport tickets/keys/atm cards

  • I carry my netbook, 3g dongle, DSi. Also lots of accessories like usb sticks, usb chargers for my phone and DSi, netbook charger.

    I take my backpack with me almost everywhere

  • iPad, phone, and an iPod. I would get rid of the iPod if the iPad wasn’t such a pain to skip songs, or my phone had a better battery life (it lasts about twelve hours with moderate usage, less if I need to make calls, check maps etc)

  • Average day: just my HTC DHD (plus earbuds and micro USB cable)

    It used to be that I’d have phone, NDSL, MP3 player, earbuds and maybe even my netbook. This was back when I was at TAFE and my phone was a Nokia E72.

  • My DHD replaced the need for anything else except for work laptop, laptop charger, micro usb, DHD and headphones.

    It plays my PSX games, music, kindle and some occasional surfing of the net while I am on the move.

  • Normally have the work laptop, ipad, iphone, HTC Mozart and a usb drive of some sort.
    If I’m out taking photos I’ll take a Canon 60D, the ipad and the two phones.

  • usually carry:
    – Asus transformer with docking station,
    – Desire HD,
    – bluetooth headset (+ a set of wired earbuds in case the bluetooth headset runs out of juice)
    – 320GB WD Passport to carry my media library.

  • The question is a bit ambiguous, as it assumes that everyone constantly carriest the same kit.

    The only things I’m pretty much guarenteed to have in my pockets if I’m not at home is my (Android) phone, wallet, and keys.

    In my work bag I also carry a pair of headphones, data cable for my phone, and a 4gb thumb drive.

    If I’m travelling via some form of public transport for a longer trip, or if I’m staying away from home, it’ll be more again.

  • For me, when travelling to work – iPad, iPhone, & thumbdrive (on my keyring)

    When out doing photography work, all of the above (iPad in particular as I use a model release app on it) plus my camera gear (camera, lenses, strobes, etc.)

    Everywhere else, just the iPhone & thumbdrive (unless I need the iPad for something specific – or my laptop for that matter).

    I typically don’t carry any cables (apart from headphones) anywhere as I keep doubles of the cables I need at location (such as an iPhone cable at work).

  • I carry my Samsung Galaxy S (CM7), use it as a phone and a tiny tablet for doing some simply uni note-taking.

    Also generally my laptop wherever I go, unless it’s to some specific outdoorsy activity. In the bag I also carry ~20 USB drives that perform various tasks from installing windows to wiping a hard drive.

  • Only my dell streak 5. Its all in one….I know people will say it big and bad. But i’m a happy customer of dell streak. I browse, Listen to FM and MP3, Watch live Tv shows( Via optus Today) And take a Pictures with mideum quality 🙂

  • On any given day, I’ve got 2 phones (Nexus S and Nokia N8), my iPod nano + earphones, a Kindle, an Asus Eee Pad Transformer, a Proporta TurboCharger for mobile charging, and a Livescribe Echo pen + notebook. Yes, I realize my Android phone could do it all, but it doesn’t do it all BEST. Seriously doubt that I’ll ever have just two devices in my purse on a regular basis.

  • Phone, MP3 player, 3DS, DSL, KOBO ereader.

    All in one devices are all well and good, but I find there are good reasons to have strong single use devices. Two of these reasons that matter most to me are battery life and specialised performance.

  • take a look at
    i discovered last week and looked at over 100 pages in a few days of work!
    it made me decide i needed to carry a tactical pen!

    • sorry full link

      My gadget carry for when i travel to the rigs, is 1 Sony Vaio s series, Motorola Xoom, 2 x 1 TB portable seagate flex harddrives, desire HD and sometimes a camera. I wish bought a Telstra dongle as we get signal this time! and the internet on board is slllllloooooooowwww

  • Garmin A50 (serves as my mp3 player, camera, communications and GPS)

    Logitech earbuds

    Pico FreeLoader solar charger (to charge the phone)

    Lenovo Laptop (only to university)

  • Typical day at Uni:

    Nexus one:- calls, sms, internet connection
    Galaxy tab:- games, music, pdf reading, larger screen for internet surfing
    I always have a USB attached to my keys as well 🙂

    I would bring my laptop… but its too heavy.

  • Guaranteed: iPhone + Canon S95
    Work days: iPhone + Tablet PC + Canon S95
    Weekend days: iPhone + HP Touchpad + Canon 60D
    Plane trips/holidays: iPhone + HP Touchpad + Tablet PC + Canon S95

    I try to travel light with only stuff I’ll need. I fly too much to be burdening myself with unnecessary junk.

  • I used to carry my phone, gps, flash stick, PDA and occasionally a camera. Now I just carry my Motorola ATRIX and its charger. It does everything I need.

  • Lately I have only taken the Blackberry 9300, headphones and a retractable USB cable to and from work.

    Might get an Android tablet towards the end of the year – I like the Toshiba Thrive so far.

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