How Many Gadgets Do You Carry?

Futurists suggest that as smartphones become standard and tablets become more powerful, those two gadgets might be the only two things you need to take with you for work or pleasure. It’s an interesting vision, but it raises the question: how many gadgets do you regularly carry right now?

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My own answer to this question oscillates somewhat. I established earlier this year that I could actually do most everything I needed with nothing more than a BlackBerry, but that was an extreme situation. Right now I’m on the road with a netbook, my BlackBerry and a Next G dongle, all of which are required for my work. I’ve also got a separate video camera and an iPod (neither essential but both useful), and some gear I’m reviewing/testing: headphones and an ebook reader. I like tablets and my PlayBook gets a lot of use at home, but I didn’t bring it on the road this time because of all the other test gear.

Most people don’t experiment with gadgets as part of their job, but I still suspect many Lifehacker readers might want more than just their phone. How many gadgets do you regularly carry? Tell us in the comments.

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