Forward Slash Your Way To Faster Searching In Web Apps

Forward Slash Your Way To Faster Searching In Web Apps

The forward slash isn’t just a key on your keyboard, but a transporter into the search box in Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter and many web apps all over the internet. How do you know if it works? Just go to some web app that has a search box and press forward slash.

If you’re magically taken to the search box, you’ll be able to start searching. There isn’t much more to say about it than that, but if you want a lengthy explanation on this simple little shortcut, check out the video above.

The 40 most important Google Apps keyboard shortcuts [Tech Republic]


  • I find this annoying behaviour, actually, because firefox uses the / as a shortcut to find on a page. I try that they go “urgh” and ctrl-f when I’m trying to find on a page that hijacks the / key.

  • Aaurgh! Perpetuating the dreadful “forward slash”!
    It’s just “Slash”, a key that’s been on typewriters for decades. It’s the “divide by” symbol for typing fractions (e.g. “1/2”)The “Backslash” was added later to computer keyboards, and called BACK-slash to differentiate it. There’s no need for “forward”, yet I keep hearing “H-T-T-P-Colon-Forward-slash-forward-slash.”
    Can we all promote squashing this timewasting “FORWARD-slash”?

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