Download Windows 7 ISOs To Reinstall Without Restoring Your System

Windows: If you've just bought a new laptop or pre-built desktop running Windows it's more than likely you do not have a disc with the operating system. You may have a restore disc or hard drive partition that will restore your computer to factory settings, but having an actual disc to install Windows is handy if you need to reinstall just your operating system.

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Why wouldn't you want to use the restore disc? Your computer doesn't just have Windows: it also has free trials of several programs, various toolbars, and other bloatware that slows down your system. You need an install disc for Windows so that if it becomes necessary to reinstall you won't have to spend an hour removing unwanted software.

Luckly, you can download full ISOs (disc images) of the various types of Windows 7 from Microsoft and These ISOs were put there to be freely available for customers who purchase copies of Windows 7 online, but if you have a legit product key there is no reason you can't use the ISOs to make your own Windows install disc. Tech blog My Digital Life has collected several download links for all versions of Windows 7. See the link below to download.

Windows 7 ISO x86 and x64 Official Direct Download Links [My Digital Life]


    are these ISO's wth or without SP1?

    This is the correct link to the direct download links from Digital River. The link is for Original untouched Windows 7 with SP1 integrated.

    Use ei.cfg tool & WinToFlash to make multiversion USB stick. This is exactly what I have been doing on all of my laptops. Create your recovery disks first, then clean install Windows and you'll be surprised of the overall performance. This is the very same reason as to why Microsoft got annoyed with the "Out Of The Box User Experience". OEM's preload crapware, trialware that slows your PC/laptop and what the average Joe sees at his new purchase might just be totally different from the original intention from Microsoft.

    Ivan K.

      Could you make a quick guide of how to one of those win7 iso on a mem stick?

      Much appreciated

        Firstly, download the Windows 7 Incl SP1 Ultimate version, select x86 or x64 depending on your hardware. If you have more than 4GB RAM go for x64 otherwise choose x86 (32bit-64bit).

        Run ei.cgf tool and point to the ISO file that you have downloaded.

        Download WinToFlash, follow on screen instructions, point to the ISO on your HDD. Insert your USB stick (4GB or more should be OK), wait for about 15~20 minutes for the transfer to finish.

        Remember how before we created the USB stick we have ran the ei.cfg tool? what that does it creates mutltiversion/universal Windows 7 install, meaning: when you boot from the newly created USB stick, at the install options you will be prompted which version do you want to install: pro, home premium, ultimate ...

        Take a note of your version that came preinstalled with your PC/Laptop and choose the same version in the new installer.

        Follow on screen instructions, that's all.
        I might do a full tutorial on my blog, when the time allows :)

        Ivan K.

      That link has been "fixed". Probably by the same idiots at microsoft who won't let me talk to a real person dispite having a genuine product key. I'm sick of all the HP software and would like a fresh install... but NOOOOO! Microsoft goons censorship goons everywhere... please give as a new link if you can... manage to out do them, or some search suggestions that they CAN'T just delete... thanks

    Or use the easy solution from microsoft

    allows you to burn ISO to USB and makes it bootable in one click.

    OK, so with this, how could a person legally, and economically, purchase a legit key to use and save money not purchasing the physical media and packaging? I'm guessing these images wouldn't work with volume licensing, etc.?

    I used my key for my Dell computer, but this fails with an 'invalid key' error when I try to make a clean install. Must be an OEM false serial...

      If you use the telephone activation (You don't need to talk to a human) it should work.

      If you look at the product key on your Dell box, you will see a number like X17-......
      If that does not match the version you are downloading, then it will fail with invalid key.
      Please also remember that the key is only for reinstalling on that particular Dell box, because it is an OEM key and for use only with the OEM distributed machine. Any other use is prohibited.

    The link to the Windows 7 ISO files is dead, Jim. While there, I even searched on "windows 7 iso" and got no hits.

    The link is down. -__- Does anyone have a substitute link?

    OK folks, to answer the above questions, this is all you need folks, all in the one post:

    Windows 7 ISOs from Digital River:

    Use the ei.cfg removal utility so you can use your OEM/other non-retail key:

    Burn it to DVD or create a bootable USB drive with the Windows 7 USB DVD download tool:
    Documentation here -

    (yes, I know this has all been linked to already, but people are missing points because they're in multiple posts)

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