Set Up A Home Surveillance System With Google+ Hangouts

Lifehacker reader Delerium explains how to keep an eye on your house while you're away, using just a webcam and the Hangouts feature of Google+.We've discussed setting up a home surveillance system with Apple's FaceTime before, and it's even easier with Google+ hangouts (and cross platform, too). There's no need to hack around anything, since once you start a hangout it'll automatically answer other users that join:

You can use Google Hangouts as an on demand remote camera viewer. First, create a second Google Account, and put the alternate account in its own circle. Then, start a hangout with just that circle. When you want to checkup on how everything's going along in your house, you can just join the hangout with your alternate account, and you should see what's happening. Of course, for more complicated and long term camera solutions, you would need some specific software. This is just a no additional software approach to quickly checking up on your house while you are away.

The only hitch is that you'll need more than one Google account, but you might already have one around anyway. Now, with it, you can keep an eye on your house, see if that package has been delivered, and more. We tested this and it works even if your screensaver is turned on, which is pretty nice. It won't work if you set your computer to go to sleep, though, so be sure to turn sleep off if you want your surveillance!


    Pathetic. In order to save a few bucks from your alarm company you have to spend all day (on your employer's dime) watching your house. You might as well stay at home.

      Why stay home if you can get paid to watch your house? Sounds like a good job. :)

      Apart from the dubious tag, nowhere in the post has the author said that this is a substitute for a security alarm system.

      Other uses I can think of is a baby monitor, to see if the mouse trap has caught a mouse, or to check if the cake you left on the table to cool has been eaten.

      If you want to do it properly, there's plenty of software that'll do the watching for you.

      Yawcam ( ) was the popular choice when I tried it years ago - no watching, and still not paying the alarm company.

    The first hitch is getting on Google+ to begin with.
    Lifehacker has come out with a lot of articles about g+ considering it's still invite only at this stage...
    Just saying

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