ScanSnap S1100 Quickly Turns Your Paper Into PDF On The Go

With the constant stream of receipts, forms, contracts, and other paper we have to - but probably don't want to - keep, the desire to digitise our lives is growing stronger. If you're looking for a document scanner that's easy to take with you and great for creating PDFs out of your paper documents, we like the ScanSnap S1100.

We've liked another member of the ScanSnap family before, so its not surprising that its cheaper, smaller and more-portable little brother also turned out to be pretty great. It basically wins on two fronts: it's really tiny and only needs a USB cable for power, so it's negligible to take with you, and creating a PDF document involves loading the paper and pressing a button. When you're done, you can choose to scan it to a folder, email, send it directly to Evernote, plus several other options.

The whole process is really simple, it works quickly, and it's really tiny. If you're dealing with tons and tons of documents, you'll probably want something with a bit more power, but when portability and simplicity come into play the S1100 does a great job.

The ScanSnap S1100 retails for about $249.

ScanSnap S1100 [Fujitsu]


    Surely this is really a software innovation. I'd gladly pay good money for an app for my phone - 5MP is good enough for receipts up to A5, maybe even A4 size.

      In a word, no. You'd get an image with a hand held phone camera but good luck reading the text clearly by the time you take into account poor lighting, skewing and loss of focus. The scansnap controls all of those which gets you closer to a PDF document rather than a PDF copy of an often poor image.

    Actually this is very good on the iPhone, does OCR, sends to evernote or email, and free!

    This is a good scanner, and in general the ScanSnap line is really solid.

    I'm also going to suggest ScanDrop scanner software (my company makes it). LH has recommended it before.

    You can get it at

    Healy Jones
    OfficeDrop Marketing Guy

    or for a real cheap-ass solution or you don't want to scan too much, use your flatbed scanner/MFP and download some free software: iCopy and PDF Creator.

    iCopy will take multiple scans (new version soon will support ADF (doc feeder)) and then "prints" it a PDF file via PDF Creator printer driver.

    Can you get the S1100 in Australia? mate. Cheap shipping to Oz.

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