5 More Secret Features In OS X Lion

5 More Secret Features In OS X Lion

OS X Lion has been out for over a week now, and now that you’ve had a chance to try Lifehacker’s 10 favourite secret features of the new operating system, here’s five more to test out.

1. Reveal the Dock while using a fullscreen app

Lion’s fullscreen apps sure are pretty, but they can slow you down by hiding many navigation elements of the operating system. If you want to reveal the dock while in full screen mode to quickly switch to a new program, TUAW reveals that you can simply rest on the bottom of the screen (or left or right side, if that’s where you keep the Dock), then push it down as if you’re trying to move beyond the edge of the monitor. It’s not a natural movement, but the dock does come out of hiding as advertised.

2. Put your contact info on the lock screen

3. Move applications out of your Applications folder


4. Use Quick Look in Stacks

5. Use the spacebar to zoom in on Mission Control thumbnails


These secrets will only get you started with unravelling Lion, so check out the rest of Lifehacker’s coverage:


  • Heck, if I’m not able to access the dock in fullscreen mode like I am able to with cinch in 10.6 then there is no way I’m upgrading to Lion.

    The only feature I wanted was native fullscreening and I was already annoyed over the fact that they removed the blue scroll bars.

  • Good to see you can still move non apple apps out of the apps folder…

    But on Snow Leopard I liked being able to move the apple ones too. Put DVD player, etc, in ‘utilities’. Seriously, there were some apps in the main bit that just didn’t belong there.

    Can’t do it now 🙁 can do aliases I guess, but only once I figure out how to remove those damn arrows.

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