Force Your Phone To Stay Vertical In Your Pocket

Force Your Phone To Stay Vertical In Your Pocket

It’s a common problem for guys, and it’s only gotten worse with the heavier, sleeker smartphones we’ve been carrying in recent years; our phones won’t stop falling over lengthwise in our pant pockets.

Now, we can either get angry about the almost hourly occurrence and try to lay blame, or we can get proactive about it like Instructables member tewharau did, and break out the sewing kit. Sewing just two lines of thread down the length of your preferred phone pocket can ensure that your phone never lays horizontally again. [Instructables]


  • I wasn’t aware it was actually a problem if it did that, it never bothered me (at least not in the pants i wear, but then when i buy pants the most important factor (after size of course) is pocket size/layout. If its not practical to fit a 120w * 95h * 43d mm wallet, keys and phone then its going back on the rack. Also my hand has to be able to get in and get it out easily.

  • The issue is when you get into your car and the pants pull tight across your leg.

    If the phone is horizontal, the phone lays across your leg in a + configuration, putting undue stress on the screen and casing >.< Not always a problem, but depending on what you are wearing..

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