Replace Your Coat Hooks With Paint Cans For Better Storage

Lots of people have coat hooks by their door to hold their various jackets, but clever DIYer Brian Jewett made his outerwear storage more useful by attaching a few open paint cans to the wall.

While a simple coat hook is more than adequate for holding your windbreaker, you may have lots of other things you need to grab as you leave the house — gloves, keys, wallets, and other things that don't lend themselves to hooks on your wall. Brian solved this problem by replacing his coat hooks with open paint cans, which can not only act as hangers for those coats and scarves, but also hold smaller items. It's super easy to do, too — all you need to do is screw the bottoms into the studs in your wall. It's a pretty clever way to get those items off your benches and chairs and into their own little areas. Hit the link for the full instructions on how to put them together.

High Functioning Coat Hooks [Instructables]


    I actually really like this. If you had kids a few at their height would be good too.

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