QuickPic Is A Fast, Free Gallery Replacement For Android

QuickPic Is A Fast, Free Gallery Replacement For Android

Android: If you’re looking for a fast and feature-rich alternative to the default Android gallery, QuickPic can get the job done. The app allows you to browse and edit images quickly, and even perform batch operations against multiple photos on your SD card.

QuickPic’s best feature is that it’s fast, and can completely replace the default Android Gallery app if you want it to. It doesn’t have the transitions and flare that the default app does, but it loads images quickly, and if you need to resize, move, copy or hide images in your gallery, the app allows you to. Just long-press on any image to see all of the editing options available.

If you have multiple images to resize, or you want to move several images into a new gallery, just select them all and tap the menu button or long-press on any one of them. QuickPic is also a robust batch image editing tool, and gives you the ability to resize an entire gallery on your Android phone at once.

Even if QuickPic were just fast, it would be worth checking out. The fact that you can quickly and easy manage your gallery and edit images makes the app well worth a download. QuickPic is free and available now in the Android App Market.

QuickPic [Android Market]


  • This app is hands down the best.
    Forget all the flare of transition effects and bla bla that slows down everything.

    Try using the default gallery of 2.2 on a tablet with over 10k images. It will grind your system down to a halt. No kidding – 10 min. to open the gallery, and another 10 to view the 200+ images in that folder.

    This App (QuickPic) works great, it’s fast and looks good. (compare: the same 10K images takes seconds to load. It is as fast as it was with 10 images)

    GREAT JOB. Thank you Developers.


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