Lifehacker Meetup Week Has Arrived

Lifehacker Meetup Week Has Arrived

Yes, it’s nearly time! This week, thanks to Microsoft and Windows Azure, we’re hosting Lifehacker reader meetups in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. If you’re one of the lucky people who signed up for each event, we’re looking forward to meeting you (and the Gizmodo readers who have signed up as well). If it turns out that you now can’t make it, please update your status on the Lifehacker Meetup page so that someone on the waitlist can come along.

At each event, we’ll be hosting a geek trivia quiz with great prizes. There’ll also be food, drink and a chance to chat informally with fellow readers and the Allure Media team. Each event officially kicks off at 6:30pm, but you’re welcome to show up from 6:00pm.

There’ll be updates and photos from the event on the Lifehacker Facebook page after each event as well. Can’t wait!

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