Chronolapse Creates Time Lapse Videos Using Your Screen Or Webcam

Windows: If you've ever watched a tutorial or walk-through that's been sped up, or a minutes-long video that seems to span hours or days, you've seen a time lapse video. They look great, and while they're usually created by stitching together hundreds or thousands of snapshots, Chronolapse is an app that makes it easy.

Chronolapse can help you create time lapses and stop motion videos using images taken periodically from your screen, or snapshots from your webcam, or both. The app supports picture-in-picture videos, so you can show off your screen in your video, and then superimpose your webcam in a corner so your viewers can see what you were doing at the time.

The app also has support for dual monitors, and gives you tools to annotate your video with comments for your viewers to see while the scenes speed by. Even if you took your snapshots in a different application or on an actual camera, Chronolapse can help you stitch the images together into your final product. Best of all, it's completely free for personal and commercial use.

Chronolapse [Google Code via Keeyai]


    We did this a couple of months ago while working on a fairly large deliverable in our web application design studio in Brisbane.

    The results of a time lapse - even a day at the office - can be absolutely brilliant :-)

    Time-lapses are almost always cool, and can transform the most basic scene into a wonder.

    We recently did a time-lapse of our application design studio (in Brisbane) working on a large project.

    Really cool!

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