Chop Wood Like A Pro By Wrapping A Chain Around The Log

Chopping wood is probably something you don't do too often (or ever, if you live in a delightfully always-sunny climate), but next time you do you can avoid scattering the pieces everywhere by wrapping the log with a chain.Check out the video above for a demonstration. As the wood is chopped, it stays nicely bundled thanks to the chain. It not only keeps it from flying around, which saves a bunch of time, but makes it nicely packaged so you can easily transport it when you're done.

How to chop wood without messing around [Killed8Times and YouTube]


    Now that's clever! I want a log fire even more now.

    ZOMG that's awesome!! If I'd only known about this technique years ago when we had to chop tons and tons of wood...

    Eh, I chop wood every weekend through winter, and honestly I'm suspicious using this technique is as easy as he makes it look.

      Way back, when I lived in Sri Lanka, firewood sellers would do the same thing, only with a coir rope that stretched a bit. Fascinating to watch really.

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