Windows 8 Previews Going Out, Wallpaper Available For Download

A preview build of Windows 8 has gone out to select Microsoft partners, with bits of the "Twin UI" and other updates. Those builds are under seemingly heavy lock and key, but at least one thing has fallen onto the net: the default wallpaper. What should Microsoft try to accomplish in the (seemingly very 7-like) Windows 8? [ZDNet, Download Squad]


    Separating DirectX out of the core system, so a fault with DX doesn't mean a reformat. DX11 is a pain for this. If you uninstall it, the final uninstall step reinstalls itself and reboots the machine, meaning any drama that should be fixable by reinstalling is now impossible to deal with.

    uhm windows 8=windows 85 or windows 98

    a simple applications market for paid and free legitimate software for the windows platform.
    this would keep track of software ownership licenses you have in your name too like steam.

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