US Rolls Out Plan For Internet Identity

US Rolls Out Plan For Internet Identity

Remembering countless online account credentials and secure passwords is a feat that no normal human being can accomplish without some amount of pain. Setting up secure password managers and two-step verification tools is a good start to improving security and making all those logins more manageable, but it’s still a problematic system.With that in mind, the US government is considering an internet identity plan that would give you a single and more secure online identity (when you wanted to use it). Tech site Ars Technica breaks down how the internet identity plan might work. Sound like something you’d like? Share in the comments. [Ars Technica]


  • The article doesn’t mention anything about it being ‘more secure’ – they basically just describe exactly what OpenID already is: a way to use one credential to log into any site that supports it. It even uses the example of using your Google account to log into Facebook, and whilst I doubt Facebook would ever allow that, that’s exactly what OpenIDi s for.
    Unfortunately, a system like this still suffers from the weak password syndrome (if users choose one), and it means only one credential needs to be faked to gain access to a multitude of sites.

  • I’d love this as un upgrade to last pass or the like.

    BUT something being pushed by the US govt just smacks of “a bit fishy”.

    Who’s the first to say big brother has you by the curlys

  • I hope I don’t sound a tinfoil hat wearing loony, but I would never opt in to a government-run identity tracker on the internet. Not that i’m dodgy, I just think it would be another form of control.

  • fact remains that meatbags are still the weakest part of any security system. People will still use weak passwords and will still fall for phishing scams. IMHO, there’s no “technological” solution – “online literacy” is the best security.

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