Tools Ahoy! It’s Renovation Week On Lifehacker

Tools Ahoy! It’s Renovation Week On Lifehacker

Home renovation and DIY are two of our favourite topics here at Lifehacker, and this week we’re hammering away with a series of extra post examining how you can renovate more efficiently (and for less money). Welcome to Renovation Week.

Picture by James Bowe

We’ll kick off the series proper later today, but if you’ve got a particular area you think we should cover, or a favourite DIY hint we want to share, we’re all ears — tell us in the comments or drop us a line at [email protected]


    • I have a similar issue, removed a wall heater and now have a large hole in the wall, stud to stud wide (in this case about 50cm wide and the same in height), that needs covering.

      Also, Bunnings tips are appreciated as I have a couple of hundred dollars in vouchers 😉

  • Measuring, cutting and joining cornice!!! I built my wife a big walk in wardrobe – the whole thing was fine, everything went to plan, no issues with the frames, doors, plastering, shelves, paint even knocking down the old walls etc. … but ffs the cornice nearly drove me insane!

  • How timely. I have to start some exterior painting work on my house next week. I have no clue whatsoever. Any advice would be helpful.

    Just don’t suggest going to Bunnings. Not helpful!

    • Buy a flatscreen wall mount and follow instructions (make sure you get one that is rated for your TV’s weight and size). My brother and I did it in five minutes. I could have done it myself if my TV wasn’t very big… I have next to no experience in handy-work.

  • I have a room with two entrances & want to remove one of them. What is the process to remove an internal doorway & replace it with a dry wall etc?

  • Considering that you’re apparently currently participating in some kind of ‘green month’, I’d love to see a focus on environmentally responsible DIY projects. For example, it’s often possible to re-purpose broken, old, incomplete or boring furniture and other household stuff into something awesome or useful.
    Also, I’m always noticing all the waste (or is it? That’s what I want to know) material that piles up when people are renovating/building/demolishing houses and I’d love to know more about where that stuff goes and what the correct way to go about obtaining used building materials is.
    Another thing – the last issue of this strange newsletter that my local council distributes had an article/ad about a local tool lending library (you join up and go borrow all kinds of tools whenever you need them) perhaps you could look into that – ie How prevalent are these libraries? Has anyone joined one?

  • I’m mid-way through a complete renovation project in an apartment in Sydney. I’m happy to offer some advice/tips on kitchen installation, installing gyprock ceilings to conceal vermiculite and making a hole in a supporting wall, all of which I’ve carried out in the last few months. These are all fairly big jobs but if you take them step-by-step I think they’re all managable for a non-tradesperson. I still have other jobs to do so would also be grateful for tips on laying engineered wooden flooring and fitting plantation shutters…

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