More Than Just A Desk: A Creative Space

More Than Just A Desk: A Creative Space

Some people prefer their workspace to be removed from anything that’s fun and distracting, but that is not the case with designer/photographer/composter Jan Skácelík’s studio. His studio opts for a fun, clean, and creative environment rather than filling up the entire room with a desk.

In fact, the desk makes up for a very small portion of the room. The official work area is concise and to-the-point. The rest of the room allows for movement, as a desk isn’t necessarily the best location for creative thinking. On top of the usefulness of the setup, it’s also very nice to look at.

What are your thoughts? Is it better to have plenty of desk space or do you prefer the ability to move around when you work?

Jan Skácelík’s Studio [Studio Sweet Studio via Apartment Therapy]


  • Really depends on what you do for work, doesn’t it? Desk space is a necessity if you need a lot of reference material. Filing cabinets if you have a lot of filing. Shelving for books. Massive speakers and desktop if you need grunt for processing power. But if the computer is a small part of it, then it really isn’t necessary. For a lot of people, a desk might be useless since laptops are so ubiqitous for work.

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