Find Out Which Android Phones Are The Easiest To Root

Find Out Which Android Phones Are The Easiest To Root

We’ve already run down how to root nearly any Android phone under the sun, but if you haven’t bought yours yet, you may want to check out which are the most root friendly. This list will show you.

While rootability isn’t one of the most important specs in choosing a phone, you may not feel like going through the trouble of manually rooting your phone (or giving up your root access when updates come out). The fellows over at have put together a pretty great list ordering phones by root-friendliness: from devices like the Nexus phones on which rooting is supported, to devices like the Motorola Droid and G1 on which rooting is extremely easy, to devices like the HTC Desire that constantly try to keep you from gaining root access.

As we’ve said before, nearly any device is rootable if you try hard enough — but if you don’t want to go through the trouble, taking a peek at this list before you buy is probably a good idea. Hit the link to check it out.

Root-Friendly Android [Unrevoked RootWiki via Hacker News]


  • A note for us Aussies: Our version of the HTC Desire, the GSM one, is actually an easy 1-click permanent root. Its the American CDMA version that they are talking about being difficult to root in this article.

    Just felt that a clarification was necessary there (Im very happy with my rooted HTC Desire running Gingerbread =D )

    • +1 to Pat. Don’t be scared away from rooting your Desire if you’re not too familiar with this kind of stuff.

      Back when I rooted my Desire, it only really took a simple download of a small program, plugging in my phone and pressing a button to do it. It’s quite a simple process and you are kept informed about what this will do, and is doing, to your device.

      ‘S-OFF’-ing is, of course, another matter, but it’s completely optional, and all depends what you want to do with your phone. The basic ‘rooting’ process for HTC Desire is extremely easy and newbie friendly.

  • I’m just grateful that you only have to go through the rooting process once. Rooting my HTC Legend was a pain in the ass (requiring a gold card and a multistep process), and the scary part is that I have one of the older 2.1 model Legends (newer devices running 2.2 need to be downgraded first).

  • @ pat and poltak. Can you point to the simple one click directions? I had a look and it seems that one at least has to do something with nandroid before rooting.

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