AirFrame Streams Any AirPlay-Capable Media To Your iOS Devices

While Apple's AirPlay was designed to stream audio and video from your computer to your TV and stereo, it doesn't let you stream to your iOS devices. AirFrame is an iOS app that will let you do so.

The most disappointing thing about AirPlay is that it's mostly a one-way system. Luckily, lots of app developers have come out with solutions for streaming AirPlay to any device you want — like streaming video from iOS to your Mac with AirPlayer, and now, streaming audio and video from your computer to an iOS device, or between two iOS devices, with AirFrame. It's super simple to use: just start up AirFrame on the receiving device, and you'll see it as an option in AirPlay on your computer and other iOS devices. It's really great if you don't have the space to fit all your music and videos on your phone. Check out the video above for a demonstration.

AirFrame is a $2.49 download for iOS devices.

AirFrame [iTunes App Store via Macworld]


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