Top 10 Clever Uses For Spare Thumb Drives

Top 10 Clever Uses For Spare Thumb Drives

Chances are you’ve accumulated a few spare thumb drives over the years, choosing new ones thanks to better form factors and increased capacities. But what do you do with the old ones that are just lying around? Here are our top 10 clever, fun and practical uses for your spare thumb drives.

10. Keep Linux (Or Windows) In Your Pocket

like cookies are a sometimes food for Cookie Monsterplenty of tiny Linux distributions that will fit on practically any thumb drivemultiple boot optionsportable Hackintosh

9. Make A Contemporary Mix “Tape”

Mixtape.meWe’re not the first ones to think of that

8. Make An Encrypted, Disposable “Spy” Drive

7. Create A Digital Time Capsule

Perhaps thumb drives won’t exist in the future and we’ll transfer all our data using microscopic dots embedded in our actual thumbs. Creepy. But if you want to create a replica of the past and inform the children of the future how things used to be—and you should, because children of the new millenium don’t even know what white-out is—you can make a time capsule out of a spare thumb drive. If it’s going to stand the test of time, you might want to make it indestructable. Whatever thumb drive you use, fill it with information about the world today and bury it somewhere. It’ll be a lot less work to bury a thumb drive than a huge metal container, right?[imgclear]

6. Make A Virtual RAM Drive

turn their thumb drives into virtual RAM disks

5. Create A Digital Travel Kit

Some of us like to take our laptops on our vacations and some of us don’t, but either way you can benefit from creating a USB thumb drive travel kit. If you’re not taking your computer but want a few important files and applications for the occasional stop at an internet cafe, a thumb drive can help you out. Even if you do take your laptop, a spare thumb drive is a good place to keep copies of receipts, car rental agreements, and other files you should have copies of when travelling but don’t necessarily want (or need) to print out. You may never need to use it, but it’s nice to know you have what you need in one convenient location.[imgclear]

4. Create An Easy App Install Drive With Ninite


3. Use It As A Portable Pocket Arcade

2. Make A Personal Portable App Drive

bunch of suggestions for small, portable apps you can store on a spare thumb driveplenty of options for Mac OS Xa portable version of Dropbox to sync your files

1. Create An Emergency Recovery Kit

the many ways you can save your Windows system with a thumb driveXBoot can help you make a bootable rescue drive for Linux


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