Desktoday Automatically Organises Your Mac’s Desktop

Desktoday Automatically Organises Your Mac’s Desktop

Mac OS X: Desktoday is a handy utility that organises your desktop for you when you get lazy. Whenever you leave a bunch of crap on your desktop, Desktoday can easily move it into a folder with today’s date so you’re not overwhelmed by tons of files.

Desktoday resides in your menubar and runs when you select “Clear Desktop.” This will move all the files on your desktop into a folder with the current date. If you want to find any previous folders you’ve made with Desktoday, you can access them from Desktoday’s menu. If you still haven’t gotten your desktop tidy and under control, Desktoday can be a handy little utility.

Desktoday is available for free, right now, on the Mac App Store.

Desktoday [Mac App Store via AddictiveTips]

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