• The Best Features to Set Up in macOS Big Sur

    The Best Features to Set Up in macOS Big Sur

    It seems like you just installed the latest OS version, and then they release a new one. With the update comes new designs, tools, and a nature-related background photo. There are also, of course, cool new features. If you just updated to macOS Big Sur, here are the best new features to play with.

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    Whether you’re upgrading or buying a brand-new desktop or laptop, you will one day have to say goodbye to a computer you’ve used for many years. Most of you will try to extract the data from your retired system before you part with it for good. If you’re hasty—because you’re as excited to set up…

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    Windows: If you built your PC, odds are good that you know what’s in it. Or, at least, you have a general idea — and might only need a refresher about specific model numbers from time to time. If you bought a prebuilt desktop or laptop, you’ve probably long since forgotten what’s inside. Don’t worry,…