Brush Up On Your Spotlight Search Skills And Settings

When you discover the hidden powers and long reach of a tool you'd taken for granted, there's a kind of indescribable joy, a sense of conquest. Such is the case with J. Eddie Smith, who recently discovered just how powerful yet precise his Mac's Spotlight Search could be.

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Sure, anyone who digs around in Spotlight's settings, or read up on its search abilities online, might already know some of Smith's findings — about boolean operators ("coffee -java"), perhaps, or maybe hiding folders from Spotlight's view. But if you're a Mac owner who powered up and never looked back, this Practically Efficient post might give you pause for thought. Got your own quietly great Spotlight power to brag about? Let's hear it in the comments.

The powerful, mystical Spotlight. On steroids. [Practically Efficient via @drdrang]


    I love the spotlight in Mac, but I have been wondering if it is possible to nominate folders where NOT to serach in. Like in old files.


      JT - look in System Preferences / Spotlight, There's a Privacy section. Drag any folders you don't want searched into there - Spotlight will ignore them.

    Spotlight did wonders for my academic work. I used to spend hours going through the physical copy of the readings trying to find a quote I remembered reading. Then I got a Macbook Pro and started getting all the readings and journal articles electronically, and could zero in on a very specifc quote in a pdf with spotlight.

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