Your Kobo E-Books Are Still Safe Despite Fiscal Dramas

Your Kobo E-Books Are Still Safe Despite Fiscal Dramas

The news that both Borders in the US and local book giant RedGroup (which runs Borders and Angus & Robertson locally) have gone into administration is likely to have caused panic for anyone who purchased the Kobo e-book reader sold by both chains. But it seems that for the moment, your e-books are safe.

As Nick at Gizmodo reports, Kobo has assured customers that their e-books will remain accessible even if those stores end up closing entirely. We’d really hope that wouldn’t happen, but it seems that for now there’s no need to worry about those purchases. Hit Nick’s post for the full story.

Borders Enters Administration, Kobo Assures Your eBooks Are Still Safe [Gizmodo]


  • Don’t believe that your DRM’d books are safe. When the US arm of Borders began closing up, the Australian run Borders and A&R went belly up. This happened just one day after the media had been reporting that the Australian franchises were safe as well.

    Pity the poor staff about to lose their jobs and the flack they are coping from irate customers over the gift card fiasco.

    If you have books on a Kobo start learning how to take the DRM off them now!! It’s not that hard and a simple Google search will show you heaps. I didn’t know how to do it and in a few days of reading all my books are now living a DRM-free life.

    This made my switch from a Kobo to an Android tablet so much easier also.

    As a side issue, now with Borders and A&R on the way out and with geographical restrictions on ebook purchases – how are Aussies supposed to get books now!!

  • If Amazon were to fold – Kindle owners would be in big trouble. A proprietary file format and a company that’s already shown itself willing to pull books from your device after you’ve purchased them.

    I bought a Kobo specifically because there are many places that sell books in .ePub – or I can just download anything off Project Gutenberg.

    Honestly, the A&R software that came with the Kobo was too broken to use in any event. Get a good third party ebook manager and don’t fret about a market you can’t control.

  • Calibre.

    It sorts my Kindle out fine. And at risk of encouraging people to be slightly offside of the regulations: google the following +ebook +(author of your choosing) +torrent.

    You wouldn’t download a car.
    But if you were asked to pay half the price of the car for an electronic copy that you could download…

    Would you?

    • @Bromide,

      Thanks for the tip on Calibre. I actually already this as my library management system. And you are completely right about getting the car at half price analogy. Books in Australia are simply too expensive in the current market and this has led to the demise of both Borders and A&R it seems.

      However the torrent search doesn’t help the authors or online bookstores at all. Why would stealing the books (and that’s what you are doing using torrents like these) be the answer? This type of thing only reinforces the need for DRM (which I strip off the books I buy) and just make it harder for honest people to utilise this new technology and therefore stifle advancement.

      And yes I know not all torrents are for pirating. It is also one of the best methods for getting various media types around the net.

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