What's The One Thing You Never Leave Behind When You Travel?

What's on your geek travel checklist? What's the one thing you never leave behind when you travel?

Photo by Elizabeth M.

Travel blog Vagabondish has listed favourite gadgets for geek traveltwice — ranging from practical and surprisingly useful to strange and bizarre. They picked 52 items, but we're more interested in the absolute best. What's the one thing you can't live without when you travel?

26 Killer Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs [Vagabondish]

P.S. Be glad this photo didn't crop properly for the title image, or I might have used it. ;)


    It was always going to be a book, but since my son bought me an e-book for my birthday, that's mow the one thing I will always take. I've got close to a thousand books on it ready and waiting to bust any boredom issues that might crop up. If you had said what's the two things? I would add my MP3 player too..:]

    My camera. Either my point and shoot or (preferably) my DSLR. Many times have I been to Melbourne for a stay, and seen a photo op that blew my mind, but couldn't capture it.

    It's also good for taking holiday snaps for people to look at. But never show them more than a few at a time. Last thing people need over 9000 photos in front of them.

    I'm off to South America next week and I think I would go insane on the long flights without my Kindle 3 :)

    Myself. I've forgotten pretty much everything else on one trip or another (thankfully not the whole lot on one trip though).

    My torches.

    Passport. :)

    Oh you mean electro fangle gadgets. I guess Passport qualifies these days...

    I'm thinking of getting an ipod touch so I can use wifi without lugging my laptop.

      +1 for ipod touch. I also have a Duracell (http://www.cultofmac.com/report-duracells-external-battery-pack-is-perfect/15504) ipod recharger that recharges by USB. Has saved me a few times as I use it as my alarm clock.

      The only thing is I don't know if it works in the 4th gen ipod touch. It works for the 2 gen but after that gen they changed something in them I think. Anyone know??

    We made sure we didn't take any other technical gadgets apart from our camera, most tourists we saw had their mp3 plugs well secured in their ears (or eyes glued to their phone) missing the sounds and sights of the overseas outside world! oh well...their loss I guess!?

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