Google Person Finder Helps Locate Christchurch Residents

In the wake of the Christchurch earthquake, Google has developed a person finder app to help people locate friends or relatives from the area. A potentially very useful option if you can't make telephone contact.

You can access the tool above or at the link below. A related useful suggestion from Twitter that's also worth repeating: if you do get in touch with people and know they're OK, put a note to that effect on their Facebook wall to help keep their other friends informed.

Person Finder Christchurch 2/22/2011 Earthquake


    Unable to contact Lois, Ann, Tobias, Alexandrea and Lilly D'Emden from Parklands Christchurch any info appreciated.

    Thank you, very useful app, I don't want to tie up local lines needed for rescue - it's a bad quake. 6.3 but greater damage - 65 fatalities at first word from PM. Jim

    Rather than an image, can you just embed person finder directly?

      Good point Anthony, done now.

    It seems that google is doing more and more of this lately. Glad they are on the ball. Govt types just keep yacking on how they are praying for them and sending token amounts of help to disaster affected area's. Please dont get me wrong, the ausies sent to help in the recent floods and now the earthquake are helping alot but many have hade major impact and 50 cops arent really going to make a difference in the short term. All local Goct need to start getting this right.

    I heard some are waiting 2 hours to get potable water. Bulk water needs to be stocktaking for this type of thing.

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