DIY Arduino Intervalometer For Easy, Cheap Time-Lapse Photography

We've looked at various tricks to make time-lapse photography, but an intervalometer that triggers your camera's remote shutter is the real deal — only you don't have to go broke to pay for it.

Instructables user randofo outlines a process for creating your arduino-based intervalometer that triggers your camera's remote shutter at set intervals. It works with most DSLRs and making one is far cheaper than buying an official product from a retailer (more so than usual). This isn't a complicated project, but you do need quite a few things. The list is a bit long, so here's a quick peek:

If you're looking for a cheap way to do some precise time-lapse photography, check out the Instructables post for the full how-to.

Intervalometer | Instructables via Unplggd


    Don't forget the free USB programme Cam Control - does the same (and more) from a laptop for Nikon DSLRS.

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