Nine’s New Digital Channel GEM Aims At Women

Nine’s New Digital Channel GEM Aims At Women

I guess it was kind of predictable: Seven’s third digital channel 7Mate targets men, so Nine’s forthcoming third channel, GEM, will target women.

TV Tonight reports that GEM (which stands for General Entertainment and Movies) will launch on September 23 (one day before 7Mate), with key programs including Weeds and Wife Swap. Like 7Mate, it will be an HD channel that will replace Nine’s existing HD rebroadcast channel, meaning fewer HD options all around for mainstream programming. I’m guessing that will be more annoying for Lifehacker readers than the emergence of a new channel, but tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Nine to launch GEM for women [TV Tonight]


  • Considering the Bandwidth is so tight on most HD programs it can make them unbearable to watch. I’m glad to sad goodbye, go waste the illusion of HD on the crappy programming I couldn’t care less about.

    I REALLY love the digital artifacts in HD the low bandwidth causes as it tries to digitise the film grain on the early episodes of two and a half men!

  • It looks like there will another channel full of repeats. Ever since the extra channels started all you seenm to get is more repeats. sometimes they are refered to as Classic episodes or similar but in reality they are still repeats. It is about time they got some new episodes from the states and show them. New seasons of Monk or The Closer which haven’t been on australian TV for a very long time, especially where we are in a rural area. Come on Prime, Win, Ten, 72 & GO give us something decent to watch.

    • GEM = 90

      They are removing HD version of channel 9 for some dumb reason.

      Ch 7 has 7 (digital) 70 (7 HD) 72 and now 73
      Ch 9 has 9 (didgital) 90 (GEM) 99 (GO)

      In essence, ch 9 is cheap and don’t want to dish out for another channel. Bye bye HD 9.

  • I feel that the whole of digital transmission is a load of hype! EPG that doesn’t reflect what is currently showing or the change of shows! All channels seem to be guilty.
    Also lack of being to get the video to match the audio. Either poor administration or poor technology? Not to mention the same content being transmitted over their channels!!!

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