iPhone Apps More Useful When They’re Actually Launched

iPhone Apps More Useful When They’re Actually Launched

Apple loves to fling out statistics about how many iPhone apps have been downloaded (two billion at last count), but there’s a slightly annoying corollary to its success: companies feeling obliged to announce iPhone apps even when they haven’t released them yet.

The latest offender in this category is Pizza Hut, which has announced that an iPhone app for ordering pizza in Australia (along with a more general 3G service) will be available “soon”. While I can understand that Pizza Hut can’t predict just how long Apple’s notorious approval process might take, it seems to me that the Hut might have been better off holding its fire until it actually had something to announce, even if my colleague Nick over at Gizmodo does seem reasonably excited by the prospect.

Pizza Hut’s non-announcement comes a week after catalogue vendor Lasoo made a similar announcement, saying that its iPhone app could also be adapted by its retail partners to produce their own store-specific iPhone applications. That’s technically interesting, but in practical terms actually having the apps out there would be more useful.

But maybe I’m just a grumpy old curmudgeon. (OK, there’s no maybe about it.) Would you rather have “advance warning” of pending iPhone apps, or is the proof in the actual delivery? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • I guess it suits those who are brand loyal because they always like to know what’s happening with their brands.

    But for those who aren’t really brand loyal I guess it’s just another app. The only time I’d be blown away by an app is when it does something I never expected, like make me a coffee.

    • I couldn’t agree more, the only thing more annoying that the announcement of an App that doesn’t exist, is an App that only exists in AmericaLand; not only a different world to the one we live in, often in a whole other galaxy!

  • Alison from Lasoo here, hoping to clarify one point in the above article.

    The release of the Lasoo iPhone app was announced through consumer media channels on the 23rd of September.

    A following announcement regarding the adaption of the app for our retail partners was also distributed to retail and digital trade media a few days later, to inform retailers of Salmat’s new business offering.

    We do accept these details are not entirely relevant for consumers, until the app is actually released. Cheers!

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