What Features Does Your Smart Phone Lack?

What Features Does Your Smart Phone Lack?

Already, they’re not just phones: they’re cameras, web browsers and word processors. But what else would you like to see added to your smart phone?

You might not want to follow the example of the video above and use your phone as a defibrilator, but now that the ability to pick on the iPhone for lacking cut and paste is gone, the question deserves examining. What else would you like to see added to your smart phone? I wish mine had a Swiss Army knife-style built-in toothpick, which would stop me exploring less sanitary alternatives. Share your wish list in the comments.


  • All I want from my smart phone is a battery that lasts longer than a day. Give me all the features my Android phone has now, and make it so I only have to plug it in to a charger once a week, and I’ll be happy.

  • lmaoo i like the self-destruction function and the idea of the swiss army knife
    In addition to these functions i would like to see a hair straighter function and a nail clipper
    Phones should also come with the ability to lock whatever function within the phone and a tracking device 🙂

  • One of those new miniaturised projectors that are just being brought out. Like on the Nikon CoolPix S1000pj or, even better, one of those Microvision Pico Projectors.

    • You can reject a call on your iphone by pressing the power button twice, even when it’s locked. One press will stop it from making noise/vibrating.

  • 1) Keys for my car and house and garage. Would be cool if they could make a bluetooth signal lock and door opener.

    2) Location beacon so I can find my wife in a shopping centre. GPS does not work under cover.

    3) A Digipass key which I carry a few of for all my offshore bank accounts. These digipasses are a pain.

    4) Fax machine so I can fax via my phone. No idea why no phone has this feature. I know no one faxes any more but still it is just a simple technology.

    5) An ability to put a bug in somewhere and be able to listen in from your phone from a few meters away. Like a detachable microphone.

    Damn, I just thought of these ideas in a few mins. No one else think of any cool ideas?

  • A decent dedicated torch/flashlight LED built in. Like some of the cheap keychain ones.

    Solar panel on back of case for trickle charging.

    For those talking about keys for house – If you have HID compliant access control at home you can get a stick on “fob” instead of a card or keychain. These are available now.

  • I’d be really happy to see some moderately augmented reality stuff on the iPhone. There’s just so much scope for cool stuff, not only socially but from a business point of view. It seems really achievable (unlike realistic 3D for example) usign the right information aggregation tools.
    Oh… and the battery thing… would really like the battery thing…

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