iTunes movies make managing bandwidth mandatory

iTunes movies make managing bandwidth mandatory
Having just rolled out TV shows in the Australian iTunes store, it’s no great surprise that Apple is also hoping to have movies available to Australian buyers within a month, as a story at APC (written by yours truly) confirms. With many movie files easily topping a gigabyte in size, that makes the strategies discussed in our recent guide to minimising costs for iTunes downloads even more essential. If you’re a serious movie buff, right now it also makes iiNet particularly appealing as an ISP. (Shot from Tropic Thunder from PR Newswire)


  • Another reason to have a look at iiNet is that they’ve recently beefed up their download quotas. It doesn’t happen automatically – you need to change your account, but it can be done without cost.

  • $70 for 150gb with TPG (With a static IP) – Last I checked, iinet couldnt get remotely close to this. I’d love to switch to iinet but I need a big quota and they cant deliver that.

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