Twexxter Is A Twitter Client For Netbooks

Twexxter.jpg There's no shortage of alternative Twitter clients if you don't like the basic Web interface Twitter itself provides (TwitteReader and Twitlet are two we've highlighted recently). Twexxter is aimed at a specific group of users: netbook owners, who can often find that their limited screen real estate creates challenges in a world that often assumes widescreen is the norm. Written by legendary Australian tech journalist Darren Yates, Twexxter is still very much in beta phase (the current version number is 0.2.31), but already has a bunch of useful features, including fitting 20 tweets on limited screen real estate and letting you see how many Twitter-related activities you have left before you hit the per-hour activity limit. If you're stuck with a small screen, it definitely makes keeping track of tweets a lot easier. Twexxter is a free download for Windows and Linux only.


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