Ten Not Blocking All Live Video Feeds Overseas

Useful news for expats craving some Aussie TV culture: Channel Ten seems to have bucked the trend of making its online player Australia-only, allowing viewers anywhere in the world to several of the catch-up episodes available via its on-site streaming player. Copyright regulations generally mean that online players are blocked outside their country of origin, a restriction that certainly applies to the ABC’s iView player. Seven takes a similar approach, as does Channel Nine (though Nine maintains that you can distribute its downloads via BitTorrent if you wish). However, while doing some research this morning from the other side of the globe, I discovered that some parts of the Ten feed are viewable — albeit with occasional stuttering and a slightly unpredictable interface. Good news if you fancy a tranche of Good News Week. Unsurprisingly, this largesse doesn’t extend to every program on the site (Neighbours, which Ten sells around the world, is carefully protected, for instance).


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