Iconix Truemark Email Identification Verifies Senders, Defeats Phishers

Windows only: Truemark Email Identification is a simple tool in the defence against fraudulent emails. Whether you're in desktop or web-based email, you're given instant visual verification that an email is legitimate. While there's no substitute for a healthy dose of paranoia with a chaser of concern for privacy and security, Iconix Truemark complements any email setup. Truemark adds a small icon next to any corporate or web service's name, but only if it's been checked against a list of domain keys and sender IDs maintained by Iconix. Mouse over the icon and you get more detail; don't see an icon, you know Amazon might not actually need a password reset. Truemark currently works with a variety of webmail applictions via Firefox and Internet Explorer plugins, including Gmail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and with client-based email like Outlook 2003/2007 and Outlook Express. Iconix Truemark is freeware, with plugins available for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Outlook, on Windows only.


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