Skype 4.0 Beta Testers Must Manually Upgrade

SkypeCheckForUpdates.jpg If you've been beta testing version 4.0 of Skype for Windows, using the 'Check for updates' feature likely won't let you access the final version released this week. On my system (running version, using that option reports that the newest version is installed, even though the latest release is (at this writing) While there aren't any substantial interface changes in the final version, the audio and video codecs have been updated, so upgrading via a manual download makes sense (even if Skype doesn't want to reward your patience as a beta tester by making the process straightforward).


    Everytime I try and download, I get version 3.8 - have tried both IE and Firefox.

    When I checked the site earlier this morning, you had to manually navigate to the Windows link to ensure 4.0 came in. It seems to be working at the moment though.

    You can load the lastest, and previous versions, here.

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