Whatever Happened To Scrabulous and Wordscraper?

Wordscraper8.jpgOver the year, we’ve been tracking the mixed fortunes of the popular Facebook Scrabble-like game Scrabulous, explaining back in July how to play with US players when the game got blocked, but ultimately having to give up and switch to Wordscraper (from the same developers) after legal action from Scrabble owners Hasbro shut Scrabulous down. But it turns out even that wasn’t the end of the story. As I explain in a story over at iTWire, as part of its legal settlement with Hasbro, Wordscraper now features eight letters instead of seven. That has some annoying consequences — it’s much harder to place eight letters for a so-called ‘bingo’ — but I guess it’s better than the game disappearing entirely.


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