Skype Not A VOIP Service On 3 X-Series Mobiles

If a large number of your friends and family are on Skype, then a plan such as 3’s X-Series — which includes a fixed number of Skype-to-Skype calling minutes direct from your mobile each month — can sound tempting. However, as Decoder points out, those free minutes are restricted purely to the official 3-sanctioned Skype mobile client, in large part because Skype on 3 runs as a callback service rather than ‘pure’ VOIP. That means you can’t use alternate clients such as previously mentioned Fring to consume your free minutes. That doesn’t make the plans a bad deal, but it’s something to bear in mind if you’re looking for maximum flexibility. Thanks Luke!


  • Hey Angus, Thanks for the link. You are right, the 3 x-series plans are still the best value going around but it you are like me and want the freedom to use whatever software you wish it is a little frustrating. In reality it just means that you need to change your habits ever so slightly such as using the approved Planet3 client to make and receive your calls, Skype for Mobiles Beta client ( for sending Skype messages and Fring to access all of your other IM networks.

    Cheers, Luke

  • I have found that skype on 3 using the X-Series (in my view, a glorified data-pack with a funky name) is quite useless.
    I have found it to only work when you are within 3’s Network coverage. When roaming on telstra, I only get GPRS or similar connection speed which means that only 3 ‘front yard’ websites/services are available.

    All in all, a good sales ploy for the acronym hunting managers to brag that their ‘field staff use VOIP, the bleeding edge of technology… haw haw haw…’

    My 2cents… Get a cheap voice and data plan on your fleets mobiles and save the voip for intra-office land based communications.

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