Australia’s Most Complained-About ISPs

Dan Warne at APC runs down the most complained about Internet service providers, according to industry regulator the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. Telstra and Optus top the list (no surprise given they have the most customers), followed by AAPT, Virgin Mobile and Soul. As APC points out, Dodo’s high ranking is remarkable given its relatively small market share. Does your ISP handle complaints well, or do you feel like you’re being ignored? Tell all in the comments.


  • I’ve had to take both Optus and Telstra to the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) this year for internet-related problems. I don’t believe either company has a customer-focused bone in its body.

  • I’ve been with iiNet for 7 years now without any issues. Telephone support is relatively quick and responsive, and there is very little downtime in the network.

    • i had one tiny problem with iinet with a disinterested graveyard shift worker, but that was sorted out the next morning.
      far outweighed by the day to day service form iinet.
      was actually surprised at the number of complaints, given the service quality (and level) i’ve had from them, and the fact that i’m half whinging bloody pom….

  • I’m currently with a little known ISP named GoTalk…whose service has been truly abysmal since we first signed up to their broadband planes.
    However the great value of the plan in comparison to what else is on offer means that I have stuck with them for almost a year now, and dont see any way of changing. Strangely enough the customer service has actually gotten better since they moved to what I presume to be an indian call centre (those indians have really strange accents these days).

    Unfortunately internode doesn’t offer internet service on house that are not on telstra-lines, otherwise I would have changed to them from what I have researched and heard they seem to be the best and reliable … but expensive 🙁

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