How do you share large files?

How do you share large files?

Although modern webmail clients such as Gmail offer generous file allocations, there are still limits to the size of attachments you should send when using email. A posting at the Outlook Team Blog provides a useful overview of the reasons why sending big files is a bad idea (in a nutshell: you’ll probably ruin your own inbox or someone else’s, and it’s quite likely the file will never get through). It also offers a bunch of suggestions on how to get around the problem which, while mildly MS-centric, do essentially boil down to a single proposition: “Put your files in a shared location and then send a link.”
My own approach to this problem has generally been to just FTP files to my own site, but there are plenty of other ways to crack this particular egg (many of which are probably cheaper and more secure). What’s your favourite way of pushing a multi-megabyte file to your friends or co-workers? Let us know in the comments.


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