Share MP3s with your Facebook friends using DoubleTwist

twistme.pngThe other day we told you about the new DRM-stripping application DoubleTwist - which operates in a similar way to ripping and burning a CD. Now the Wired How-to Wiki folk have put together a guide on how to share MP3s with your Facebook friends using DoubleTwist.
It uses the new Facebook app Twist me!
The wiki points out two things worth noting:

  • The DoubleTwist application requires the .NET v2 framework to run, so you may need to run an update before installing it.
  • DoubleTwist also forces you to create an online account, which means your activity is traceable should DoubleTwist ever get subpoenaed.

Share MP3s with your Facebook Friends using DoubleTwist [Wired How-to Wiki]


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