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Could Blocking VPNs Eventually Be Netflix's Downfall?

Netflix’s stock has dropped 13 per cent, inspiring speculations about the reasons of the sudden dive. A recent price hike for the service has been quoted as the main reason for the drop, resulting in a much slower client acquisition than has been predicted (only 1.7 million last quarter instead of 2.5 million expected subscribers).

VPN (Virtual Private Network) provider NordVPN has another theory, though.

Benefits Can Be Just As Attractive To Employees As A Pay Rise

With the end of financial year just past us, many Aussie businesses use this time of year to look at promotions and salary reviews. While many of your employees may be gunning for a pay rise, it could be a good time to look at what benefits you could offer aside from cold, hard cash.

Disable The Trash Can And Screenshot Sound Effects On Mac

Mac: For most of us, the little sound effects a Mac makes aren’t particularly useful. The trash can sound and screenshot sound in particular don’t serve much purpose. How-To Geek reminds us that you can disable those sound effects.

Briefly: Pokemon GO Vs Rhodes, VPN Users Bloody Netflix, Dashcam Crashes

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Pokemon GO players are still making a mess of Rhodes, the best/worst of Dash Cam Owners Australia, could blocking VPNs lead to Netflix’s downfall?

Is It Legal For Police To Search Your Phone?

Consider the following scenarios: A police officer stops you on the street and asks you to empty your pockets. A police officer stops you in your car and asks to search you and the vehicle. Regardless of nearly all factors, one of the items recovered will inevitably be a mobile phone. But in what circumstances can police search your phone? Must they obtain a search warrant? And what will happen if you refuse to provide your passcode or fingerprint required to access your phone? Let’s find out.

Get Started On Tomorrow Tonight If You Want Any Hope Of Getting Ahead

Every time you go through the day and wind up behind, you tell yourself “Tomorrow will be better.” Then you go to sleep with no idea how you’re going to accomplish that. If you want to break the cycle, start on tomorrow today.

Ask LH: How Can I Make My Office A Happier Place?

Hi Lifehacker, I have recently started working for an organisation that is still finding its feet. Over the years, there have been various mistakes in communication. Unfortunately, those mistakes have resulted in a lot of resentment between members of the organisation. No one party is entirely in the wrong, but none is entirely right either, it seems.

The Gamer's Triple Monitor Workspace

It’s not often I see triple monitor setups that actually look sharp — I mean really sharp — and this one fits the bill. Over at the battlestations subreddit, Evexium shares this workspace, packed with three displays mounted to the wall, and great cable management.

Swipe Across The Space Bar In Google Keyboard To Move The Cursor

Android: Google’s keyboard packs a ton of simple gestures, but you could miss them if you don’t know they’re there. For example, if you want to move your cursor, swipe left and right across the space bar.

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