Glasswire Monitors Your Bandwidth And Identifies Resource Hogs

Windows: Your internet connection handles a variety of traffic every day. When there’s a problem, it’s not always easy to find out which app or site is causing it. Glasswire simplifies this process in an easy, user-friendly package.

Control When And If Bundles Appear In Gmail's New Inbox App

Android/iOS: Google’s new Inbox app lets you bundle messages for easy organisation. It’s great, but there’s more you can do with those bundles. After creating one, you can control how often a bundle appears, like once a day or once a week, or even have it skip the inbox altogether.

Dilbert's Scott Adams On Willpower: Have Systems, Not Goals

We tend to look at willpower as this magical force inside of us that we either have or we don’t. In a recent interview, Scott Adams — Dilbert creator and frequent advice giver — explains that willpower is actually a finite resource, and there’s a way to get what you need done without draining it all.

Block Out 'Unscheduled Time' In Your Day For Proactive Tasks

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, block off time in your day for flexible, unscheduled activities. You read that correctly: create chunks of time that won’t be disturbed by clients or colleagues so you can focus on your tasks or education.

Briefly: Free Grog, JB Hi-Fi Goes Digital, Dog Buying Guide

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Get free alcohol from Dan Murphy’s, JB Hi-Fi enters digital games market, which are the best and smartest dog breeds?

NoteDash Puts Your Notes Into Notification Center

iOS: Sometimes, you need to make a note that’s easily accessible from anywhere. NoteDash gives you just that. Type out a note, and it shows up in Notification Center.

Ask LH: Can I Access All My Messaging Services With One App?

Hi Lifehacker, Is there a messaging app which connects all other messaging apps? I know many people using WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts or just plain SMS. Is there an app in which I can connect them all?

Access Google Inbox From Any Browser With A User Agent Switch

Google’s new Inbox service is great, but it only works on Android, iOS and Chrome. If none of those are your preferred method for accessing your email, The Zinx shows you how to change your browser’s user agent to access Inbox anywhere.

How To Make Facebook Groups Awesome

Facebook launched a new Groups app for mobile yesterday, to the confusion of many. While a lot of people may have forgotten all about groups, they’re actually one of the best tools Facebook has for keeping up with your friends. Plus, they’re way more personal than the News Feed

Data-Shrinking Opera Max Now Available In Australia

Android: Opera rolled out its Opera Max data management tool earlier this year, but used a waitlist model to restrict sign-ups. Now the browser is generally available to Australian and New Zealand Android users.