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Google Releases The New Chrome Bookmark Manager Extension

Chrome: It was formally known as Google Stars — before it was pulled from the Chrome Web Store. The Bookmark Manager extension relaunches today and brings a selection of new features to make your bookmarks more powerful.

How Inbox By Gmail Works, And How To Use It Productively

Last week, Google released a brand new email manager called Inbox. If you’re new to Inbox or just confused about what it does and how it works, here’s what we’ve found after a week of using it.

I'm Slava Rubin, CEO Of Indiegogo, And This Is How I Work

Over the past few years, crowdfunding has changed the ways both amateurs and professionals approach their passion projects. From art and cinema to prototyped tech products, there’s no limit to range of projects that have found life on sites like Indiegogo.

The Secret Powers Of Chrome's Address Bar

Chrome’s address bar doesn’t seem to offer much at first glance — type in a URL and you’re taken to a web site. But it can do a lot more if you know how to use it.

WikiTweaks Adds Pop-Up Summaries, Removes Clutter On Wikipedia

Chrome: Wikipedia is a useful tool, but its navigation hasn’t changed much over the last few years. WikiTweaks gives you some new options to play around with.

Create A Set Of Scripts To Say 'No' Nicely

We’ve talked about why it’s important to say “No” before. Saying no bolsters focus. Saying no tactfully can be difficult, though, so create a few scripts for yourself that say no nicely.

Don't Call People Out, Call People Forth

When you get frustrated with a coworker, teammate or partner, a typical reaction is to call them out. Instead of highlighting the problems in the open — and possibly embarrassing them — use it as an opportunity to be a positive influence and help.

Analyse Your Flawed Beliefs To Achieve Your Goals

We all hold ourselves back by staying within our comfort zones. By analysing your current beliefs, you might be able to shift them and break free of the ones that cage you.

Briefly: Wolfram Alpha Tricks, Top 10 'Scary' Songs, Inside KFC

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: 32 tricks you can do with Wolfram Alpha, how KFC makes its fried chicken, Spotify’s Halloween party list.

This Video Shows The Many Ways Static Electricity Can Kill Your PC

Although it doesn’t happen often, a good zap of static electricity can kill a PC, either while it’s running or when you’re or working on it. In this video, Patrick Norton and Michael Hand from DIY Tryin demonstrate how that can happen.